I’m playing at The George this Saturday 20 March 2010 with the fantastic Tim Jago on guitar. Come down for a drink or a meal and stay for the jazz. We’re starting a regular gig there – it won’t be actually regular for a little while, but our next one is booked in for 10 April. So come down and support a venue that’s supporting live music.
For more information on the venue or for bookings go to http://www.thegeorgeperth.com.au/

3 Responses to “The George Saturday 20 March”
  1. Bruce says:

    Hey Fiona, I’m one of the teo guys whoicaught the end of your performance in the George. Only wish we had drifted in earlier as it was very enjoyable. Will keep an eye out for you as we visit Perth

    Thanks fot the CD, You have a gorgeous voice, you looked utterly lovely, and Tim Jago has a nice touch – his walking bass lines gave the music real depth and continuity. Pity there was so much background noise.

    Look forward to hearing you again.

    Best Wishes,


  2. Bruce says:

    Sorry – keyboard on laptop a bit screwed so apologise for typing!

  3. Mark says:

    Hi Fiona,

    Fiona/Tim great performance, fantastic, really enjoyed it, the highlight of a visit to the Perth.

    Your music drew us into the pub as we were walking back to our hotel. I only wish I’d caught the show from the beginning. Before my next trip to this part of the world I will check you website for gigs 🙂

    Fiona, thanks for the CD, it’s perfect for a lazy Sunday morning.

    Best Wishes,


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